Closing Ceremonies Mark the End of the Ride For 2017

Closing ceremonies mark the end of the ride for 2017

The closing ceremony is always a bit emotional. Coming off the ride everyone is feeling the elation of victory, having raised money for Housing Works, having conquered at least a million hills. Also, nearly everyone has a tear in their eye. Some tears are shed over the enormous loss this community has felt. More then a few tears fall because this rolling brigade of warriors can see the end in sight. There's really no way to describe the feeling of standing at the heart of this crowd of individuals who have come together once more to share a brotherhood/sisterhood of both love and loss, over the course of hundreds of miles.

All that can be said, is that there is something here that words can't possibly capture... If you want to understand, you'll have to register and experience it for yourself.

—Photos by Alan Barnett